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About Us

Blue Mantle Construction was started in 2005 because of a strong passion to turn old, worn-out structures into beautiful creations that were each unique and special in their own way. With over 20 years of experience in construction and a solid foundation built on honesty, we believe that each of our creations are the result of forming a close partnership with each homeowner and providing a work ethic backed by fortitude and patience, something only a quality remodeler can provide. Every remodel project is unique in its challenges, so creating a finished project that matches or exceeds our client’s vision of their new investment is never taken for granted. Blue Mantle Construction works hard at overcoming all remodeling challenges that comes up by providing the best available solutions using quality products and professional services, whether it be our in-house remodelers or by harnessing the experience of our professional sub-contractors. As expected, we hold high standards for the conduct of all our personnel on all our projects and require the provision of worker’s comp and liability insurance that every contractor SHOULD carry. We strive to be a good example and representative for the remodeling industry, which is an honorable trade that can get a bad rap, however, remodelers make thousands of homes more beautiful every day though integrity, ingenuity, sweat and determination.

At Blue Mantle Construction we understand that hiring a remodeling company is VERY intimidating. You question if you are hiring the right company, if they are skilled enough to do the job, if the contractor even knows what they’re doing! We understand that often, we are dismantling and reconstructing your HOME. Very few things in life are that serious and personal. Your home is your castle, it’s where you live. If your remodeling project is successful, your home is a new and refreshing place to live. Life is good! If your project goes “less than smoothly”, this is an undeserved sore spot you see every day. We take our jobs very seriously. We LOVE what we do but know that what we offer is a great responsibility. So when we are asked, “about us”, it’s not about us…we know it’s all about you!