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In the 20+ years of construction, we’ve tackled most everything…multiple times. We have garnered the experience needed to complete any residential or small commercial project.


On larger projects, we provide a Preliminary estimate to establish a budget baseline. If approved, Blue Mantle Construction will provide a phase-detailed estimate free of charge. For active projects, we do provide the needed documentation to monitor change orders and allowances. This documentation becomes invaluable when unforeseen changes arise during every remodel and a project is in danger of going over budget.

We DO NOT lowball our estimates in hopes of trapping your business. Unfortunately, the remodeling industry is full of inexperienced accounting, lazy estimating practices and cheap prices, which invariably lead to lack of documentation, unexplained future project charges, financial confusion, and worse, the contractor ‘disappearing’ with your money and an unfinished project.

Our rates are based on industry research into what it takes to maintain a healthy business that will be around for the years to come. Our estimating, through years of experience, also does its best to account for “costs that will probably occur based on past experience, but with some uncertainty regarding the amount”, otherwise known in the industry as, Contingency. As with everything we do, we strive to provide a great product through experience and we believe that starts with the estimating.


Blue Mantle Construction does offer space planning and 2D/3D drawings for a reasonable fee depending on the level of detail that is needed.

Interior Design

Please let us know if you are in need of interior design assistance and we will be happy to set up an appointment for you.

Standard Projects

Here are the standards that we provide on a daily basis. If your project is not listed below, just contact us and we’ll discuss our qualifications and we’ll offer a solution.